It's Spring! Maybe?

Not only did we hit double digits Celsius this past Thursday in Toronto, we even had glimpse of 20C! I was all excited to start wearing this linen scarf with crochet lace wheel edge until we nose dived back into single digit. Worst, it even snowed yesterday. Last year this time the cherry blossoms were long gone. But this year the trees are barely budding. Are we going to have one of those years that we jump from Winter straight into Summer and just forget Spring altogether?


This LEGO man needs a hug

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center recently opened in Toronto and with that I see its advertisement everywhere. One day I just grabbed my hook and yarn and free-handed a LEGO man head and eventually figured it should have some sort of body to go with it. I didn't play much LEGO growing up but in a way my crochet hook and yarn are my LEGO pieces, stimulating creativity with end-less possibilities. I imagine it will continue for a long long time.


Mouse, mouse, everywhere

My day job involves working with lab mice. No, I am not entirely un-squeamish about it. But I try my best. Here's me trying to be more comfortable with them. The truth is, they are more afraid of us than we are of them.


A love affair- red & pink baby girl cardigan

In the last couple of months many of my friends have become new parents! My fingers have been very busy making little crochets. One of my "go to" pattern books is "Little Crochet" by Linda Permann. I have worked one of her patterns a few times with variations. This time I used merino superwash sock yarn in red and pink combination to give this Asian-Valentine feeling. The crocheted buttons almost have a Chinese Button Knot style to give that extra touch.


Finn & Finnish inspired

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a brand new project commissioned by a friend who was inspired by two designs, a classic Finn-Juhl sideboard and a Finnish original print apron...

                                     Finn-Juhl Sideboard                                                                        Marimekko Rasymatto Apron                                               

The goal was to create a baby blanket for his goddaughter. After some trials and errors, here is what I came up with. I hope the baby girl likes it and can feel the love put into it. Can't wait for the next inspired challenge!